Granite & Marble Countertops in Lawton, OK

An investment in quality countertops is one that will last you decades, in both style and durability. If you’re thinking about making an upgrade to your kitchen countertops or bathroom, Classic Carpets of Lawton, Inc. is here to help! We bring our customers an exceptional range of countertop options, in numerous styles and materials, in Lawton, Medicine Park, Geronimo, and Comanche County, OK.

When it comes to countertop installations, we’re a full-service retailer. We sell slabs and stone, and can fabricate your choice for material to fit your unique countertop space. We specialize in stone options and are the area’s leading retailer of granite countertops in Lawton, OK! Some of the many options we offer for countertop installations include:

  • Granite countertops: Our immense selection of granite countertops is unbeatable! This stone option is a premier choice for homeowners because of its beautiful, natural look. It also has a lower price point than quartz/quartzite/marble countertops, better durability, and can be used indoor and outdoor. We also put a 1-year sealer on all granite we sell as a convenience, with an option for a 25-year sealer as well.
  • Quartz countertops: Partially man-made, part stone, part crushed up granite and quartz, our quartz countertops in Lawton, OK are a thing of beauty! Quartz is perfect for kitchen countertops and bathrooms as a long-term investment and will stand up to immense wear—it doesn’t even need to be sealed to take full advantage of its protection.
  • Quartzite: The many designs available in quartzite make it a popular option for homeowners looking for flair and aesthetic from their countertops. We offer a number of beautiful color patterns and designs to fit any room interior and price point.
  • Marble countertops: For a supremely high-end look and feel that will add value to your home and luxury to your everyday life, there’s nothing that comes close to marble countertops. Consult with us about colors and care.

Our stone options and capabilities extend to kitchen countertops, bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, window sills, desktops, tub decks and more. We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products so you can make an investment in your home that counts!

For more information about our stone options and quartz countertops or to speak with a professional about your budget and flooring installation ideas, please visit us today or contact us at 580-354-9966.